Our Mission

The mission of the Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation Board of Governors is to serve Cal State Fullerton by building and strengthening relationships with the communities we serve to encourage advocacy, investment, and support of the University, its mission, goals, and programs by remaining focused on student success and advancing the philanthropic endeavor.

The Vision of the Board of Governors is through a commitment to student success and philanthropic support, the Cal State Philanthropic Foundation Board of Governors is committed to elevating the campus to become the model comprehensive public university in the nation.

The Values that the Board of Governors hold are:

  • Student Centered : In alignment with the values of the University, we are committed to student success and the transformational role education plays in their lives and communities.
  • Excellence: We believe in demonstrating excellence in everything we do, respecting the diversity of the communities we serve while ensuring inclusivity of all Board members in reaching our common goals.
  • Partnership: We believe in being an authentic partner, committed to collaborating to advance the academic endeavor and ensuring student success.
  • Integrity: As stewards of the public trust, we adhere to moral and ethical principles to meet our fiduciary responsibility and approach our work with accountability and transparency.
  • Innovation: We empower ourselves to reach beyond current paradigms and find innovative ways to fulfill our mission.