Policies, Procedures & Forms

For additional information or questions, please contact CSFPF at (657) 278-2786 or foundation@fullerton.edu.

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Accounts Payable

Account Transfer


An Account Transfer is used to transfer funds from one CSFPF account to another.



Change Fund


Change Fund is used to make change at approved fundraising events and other events where the CSFPF serves as the fiscal agent.  



  • Please work with your unit's development office to complete a Change Fund request.


Check Request


A Check Request is a request to process payments or reimbursements on qualifying expenditures.




Faculty and Staff Award


Faculty and staff may be awarded cash or cash equivalent in acknowledgement of noteworthy work-related or academic accomplishments


  • Please complete a foundation requistion request form (see Procurement/Requistion Request section for form)


Foundation Credit Card Program


The Foundation Card provides a simplified method to acquire small dollar purchases of approved goods or supplies outside of the formal Procurement Process.




IT Purchase Policy


Any related purchases need to adhere to the IT purchasing policy.


Procurement/Requistion Request


The Procurement Process facilitates the purchases of goods or services requiring, but not limited to: contractual agreements, legal interpretation, liability risk, hazardous materials, international contracts. 



Instructions / Training Guides

Check List


COVID-19 Refund Form

A COVID-19 Refund is a request to refund an individual or entity due to a cancellation of an event. The form and supporting documentation must be submitted via email to giftadmin@fullerton.edu for credit card refunds or foundation@fullerton.edu for check refunds.

Scholarship Distribution


The Scholarship Distributions is a request to distribute funds to a scholarship recipient.


Special Consultant and Payroll


CSFPF provides no payroll services. The Special Consultant Pay and Payroll Reimbursement is for paying individuals already employed by the University or another Auxiliary.





CSFPF follows all State policies for travel reimbursements. Please refer to the Campus Travel Operations site for more information.



Student & Non Employee Travel Waiver FormPDF File

Accounts receivable

Foundation Deposit


The Foundation Deposit is required for, but not limited to, charitable funds received.  



Gift of Stock and Wire Transfer


Donors who wish to make a donation via domestic or through an international wire transfer, please call the Foundation directly at 657-278-2786 or email  foundation@fullerton.edu  for additional instructions.

Instructions / Training Guides

Payment Devices

 Payment devices applies to all university employees collecting payment via electronic devices (i.e. verfiphone, terminals,  SREDS)

Payment Device PolicyPDF File Opens in new window


  • Please work with your units development office to initiate the approval process for a payment device. 

Request for Invoice

 A Request for Invoice (RFI) is a request by CSUF personnel to generate a bill or invoice for an external (organizations not related to CSUF) or internal (CSUF unit, department, college, the University (CSUF,) and or its auxilliaries (ASC, ASI)) entitity. 


General Foundation Information & Forms

Cash Management

Cash Management is to ensure cash and cash equivalent is appropriately handled and document.



Fundraising Event

A Fundraising Event is conducted through CSFPF, as it relates explicitly to accepting charitable contributions for a declared purpose from entities solicited on behalf of the University.  


  • Please work with your unit's development office to initiate the approval process for a Fundraising Event.

Instructions / Training Guides

Account Setup


To create a new Foundation account with a gift or gift agreement, please contact Advancement Services at (657) 278-2118. Signers on the account must be at a director level or above, and each division head must approve the establishment of a new Foundation account.


Changes to an existing account will be processed through the Account Signer Update Form and sent directly to the Foundation at CP-850.



Exception to Policy Form

Exception to Policy is considered on a case by case basis. All requests must be approved by CSFPF prior to any action.

Exception to Policy FormPDF File Opens in new window

Delegation of Signature Authority

The Delegation of Signature Authority is used to delegate an Administrator’s authority to another with sufficient knowledge of CSFPF Policies and Procedures.

Note: A copy of the CSFPF approved "Delegated of Signature Authority" is to be attached to every request authorized by the delegate.