Currently, 33 alumni and friends comprise the Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation board of governors. Together, these prominent business and community leaders invest and steward donated funds and ensure that the gifts are administered according to donor wishes.


Executive Committee & Vice chairs

Kerri Ruppert Schiller '82
Senior Vice President & CFO
CHOC Children's

Ruppert Schiller's Bio »

Joseph Hensley
President - Orange County
US Bank

Joseph Hensley's Bio »

Jeffrey S. Van Harte '80
Vice Chair, Nominations and Governance
Chairman and CIO
Jackson Square Partners

Van Harte's Bio »

Ernie Schroeder '67
Co-Chair, Nominations & Governance
President & Chief Executive Officer
Schroeder Management Company Inc.

Ernie Schroeder's Bio »

Paul Carter '92
Vice Chair, Titan Pride (Marketing and PR) Committee
Bergkvist, Bergkvist & Carter LLP

Paul Carter's Bio »

 Gina Fales '94
Vice Chair, Finance and Investment Committee
Managing Director
Janus Capital Group

Gina Fales' Bio »


Gary Green '80
Vice Chair, Titan Ambassadors/Resource Development Committee
Executive Vice President and Manager
California Bank & Trust

Gary Green's Bio »


Framroze Virjee
California State University, Fullerton

Framroze Virjee's Bio »

Greg J. Saks
Executive Director
Vice President, University Advancement
California State University, Fullerton

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Dan Black '67 
Chairman (Ret.)  
ProThera, Inc.

Dan Black's Bio »

Aaron Aguilar
Student Representative
President & CEO
Associated Students, Inc.

Aaron Aguilar's Bio »

Joe Cervantes  
Executive Vice President of Operations
R.D. Olson Construction

Joe Cervantes' Bio »

Bill Cheney
President and CEO
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

Bill Cheney's Bio »

Mark Clarke 
Vice President and Controller
Edison International

Mark Clarke's Bio »

Scott Coler '85
Capital Pacific Real Estate

Scott Coler's Bio »

Sylvia Contreras ‘96
Alumna Representative
Marketing Administrator
Controlled Motion Solutions, Inc.

Rachelle Cracchiolo '71, '76
Chief Executive Officer
Teacher Created Materials

Rachelle Cracchiolo's Bio »

Martha Daniel  
Founder and President/CEO
IMRI Technology and Engineering Solutions

Martha Daniel's Bio »

Regino Diaz '00, '03
Area Executive and Senior Vice President
Bank of America

Regiono Diaz's Bio »

Charles Harmon
Senior Manager of Corporate Procurement/Corportate Services
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Charles Harmon's Bio »

Robert E. Jechart '79
RJE International, Inc.

Roger Kotch '81 (Ret.)
Chief Financial Officer
In-N-Out Burger

Roger Kotch's Bio »

Sonny Nguyen
7 Leaves Cafe

Tam Nguyen '05 
Vice Chair, Advocacy
Advance Beauty College

Tam Nguyen's Bio »

Scott T. O'Brien '77
The Safariland Group

Ingrid Otero-Smart
Casanova Pendrill

Ingrid Otero-Smart's Bio »

Maya Patel
Tarsadia Family Foundation

Maya Patel's Bio »

Jon C. Smith '02
Partner, Assurance Practice
Ernst & Young LLP

Jon Smith's Bio »

Paul A. Treinen '90
White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP

Victoria L. Vasques '76
President and CEO
Tribal Tech, LLC

Victoria Vasques' Bio »

Bonnie Williams, Ph.D.
Faculty Representative
Assistant Professor
English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
California State University, Fullerton

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Daniele LeCesne
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Director, University Advancement Administration and Finance
California State University, Fullerton

Stefanie Light '96
Chief of Operations, University Advancement
California State University, Fullerton